Let it Snow?

Let it Snow?

Not really something I was very keen to see, but nothing I can do to prevent it.

View from the ‘kitchen’ window this morning. Pretty, but instantly worrying.






Why? Because this:



Means NO electricity. And means we need to do this:




and This: (I was helping, how do you think those near panels got cleared? – but somebody needs to take the photos…)



So we can have this:







Just for info – the sun alone did a full charge of the batteries today. So it’s a good thing we didn’t wait for a thaw!

Inside – upstairs:


Pretty dry, and when the sun shines on the blocks it is pretty warm in there too!


We are starting to partition the rooms upstairs:


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  1. Love the snow pictures. Went on a ‘Cool Tourism’ course yesterday all about social media, so now I am trying it out for real. Think I will try and get more photos up of my Barn for people to see.
    Great site!

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