We’re On!

We’re On!


Everything before Easter has been on a go slow, but there’s a very important light at the end of the tunnel

See that lit up neon in the extension lead? We made that! With our own home-made electrons! Welcome to the first off grid electricity at Easterdown!!!!


This display says we have charged the batteries to 86%!


While we were waiting for this to spring into life there are new lambs at Easterdown Рnot ours, but great to look at!sheepBackAtEasterdown


Shower room tiled and plumbed just before EasterShowerStarting



But we took a break over Easter to visit Mike’s sister’s place, The Grange. Project Easter – start to reconstruct the fallen Victorian Greenhouse. Typical that our ‘holiday’ consists of working on a different construction project.


Mike’s Dad’s pet project – the endless restoration of the big greenhouse. As soon as he gets to one end the other end is ready to be restored.


Back at Easterdown, plumbing continues.





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