Can it get busier?

Can it get busier?

No days off for us, unlike our neighbours with the steam engine!

I keep asking myself the above question. Trying not to stumble under massive irony – We have phone and internet at Easterdown, but at the cottage where we are staying someone accidentally put a chainsaw through the telephone line, so no internet/email/voip in the evenings. Tough to arrange stuff, but we’re still progressing –

Kitchen starting to look likeā€¦a Kitchen!


Getting the telephone line under the drive and into the cabin.


Mike retains his crown as King of string.



It was a lovely, sunny day. We kept hearing this steam whistle and thought, we’re a bit far from the West Somerset railway. Then we found out what our neighbours get up to when they have a free moment:


Very cheerful sound chugging past the gate at Easterdown!


Mike got on with adding a half a metre to the pallet where our battery bank will rest. Due to arrive on Wednesday.


We are constantly struck by the brilliant, thoughtful design of this cabin. How on earth did Mike and Leila (of Roderick James Architects) manage to put the verandah at Dexter’s perfect drinking height?

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