On the ceilings – Part 2, the sequel

On the ceilings – Part 2, the sequel

I LOVE this look!

While the frame was standing in the summer sun, the Douglas Fir started to grey really nicely. So rather than whitewash everything like we did in the cabin, I found a reactive wood ageing liquid that ages/silvers the ceiling beams so that they match.

I only wish we had known that we were going to decide to whitewash the ceiling boards. I treated them for spread of flame before they went up, otherwise we would be painting them twice! But if I’d known I could have whitewashed as well. Would have been much easier to do it before. Ah well.

But lucky for us, the completely wonderful Katia  is doing most of this, particularly the scary bits.

So fast! Such a great look!

And this is my bit. Slow, but it shows you how the reactive ageing stuff looks, before and after.

The bottom of the photo, those ceiling beams are the same pieces of wood as the ceiling beams in the top of the photo. And the leftmost, thicker beam has not been treated. That is part of the Carpenter Oak frame and had 4 months in the sunshine.

Floors next and then we can put in the staircase. A lot of the lag time has been taken up with designing something pretty special, and hoping in about a month to put up a rather spectacular blog about it!

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    • We are very lucky that Roderick James Architects’ design ensured we are living here in comfort while we build. This gives us the luxury to make only the most considered decisions. But I do miss my books, which are all in storage.

  1. I didn’t use a fire retardant paint. I treated all of the boards first with HR-Prof:


    Which is a colourless fire retardant agent/ treatment that doesn’t colour the wood or affect its colour later on. I took their advice and used a sprayer when it came to the house and it saved a lot of time and effort.

    So I treated each board, both sides and the sides, before they were cut and put on the ceiling by Mike Roberts. The boards were dry when Katya and I did the whitewash which is just bog standard cheapo white emulsion – 3 parts water, one part emulsion.

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