New Skills

New Skills

Are we building a house, or is this really just an excuse for getting an education? Both of us are really enjoying learning carpentry skills from Mike Roberts.

Starting to put the wood cladding inside the cabin. Mike Roberts taught me to use a Router and I am completely taken with this new skill. Needed to carve out a notch from the inside of the board (right most in picture) so that the board could be placed flat while still leaving room for the lead, or rather ‘no lead’ around the window.



The red arrow is pointing to the routed out bit that I did. I DID THAT!!!! All on my own! The blue arrow is the lead, or rather ‘no lead’ that needs covering. OK, it is a bit too long, but BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED!





This one is the routed edge I did on Sunday. First one, yes it does the job, but it’s not quite as elegant, Call it a bit of  practice….





Rightmost board not nailed in place yet, but the cabin is looking great.





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    • Walls are furniture grade birch ply. But Mike Roberts suggested we use WBP on the floor – and suggested we buy a cheap router and taught us how to do the little angles on the sides. In retrospect we could have used WBP on the walls instead, but it can look a bit pinkish if it’s unfinished. The finish is 3 to 1 water to emulsion for the whitewash effect. I’m going to put Osmo oil over it to make it stain and water proof. The white oil makes a great whitewash effect. I particularly like the way the softwood for the ceilings responded to the whitewash. It could have looked pretty brilliant on the walls as well, just a bit harsh if you touch it.

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