Hearth and Home

Hearth and Home

A few projects over the last few weeks. Cabin 99% water tight –  trying to do inside work now. Held up by the non- appearance of our wood burning range. Building regulations require hearth 12.5mm above final floor level. I reckon we cracked it. Or damn close.

The very nice water people. Lamare Water Services.  have connected our well to pumps, pressure vessels and UV filters:

LamareWaterWe thought the Esse wood range would be arriving last week, but not to be. Anyway it gave us plenty of time to install the slate hearth. Building regs wanted it 12.5 mm above final floor level. (FFL will be 18mm above current level, hence example wooden board in front of installed hearth). This was a fairly tense and difficult exercise. My great fear returning to Easterdown this morning is that it might have ‘packed down’, but no, looks better than textbook perfect.



There we have it, Hearth and Home:




We (or rather Mike) also got on with cladding the barn:

barnCladdingStartand Voila:




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