Hottest day of the year

Hottest day of the year

What do you do on the hottest day of the year? Install your log burner, of course!

Long time coming, but it’s been a chance for me to teach myself how to plaster a wall. It has been an adventure and learning curve for everyone involved.

In March we decided we wanted to buy this hybrid masonry log burner, the Clou Xtra from Austroflamm. It contains tons of thermal mass which means that as the logs burn, you can store the heat if you close air convection on the top. Heat stores in its thick internal masonry lining and you can release the heat later on by opening the air convection again. It stores heat for about 12 hours.

We found these brilliant engineers, Firestarter Solutions to install it for us.

They agreed to let us do the building work (blocking up a doorway, getting building regs approval and the small matter of me learning how to plaster).

Austroflamm ClouXtra plus the beginnings of our wall and the end of that doorway!

A green wall – clay plaster from Chris Brookman at Back To Earth Ltd that I mixed with recycled glass, not sand!

Very pleased with clay plaster from Chris Brookman, Back To Earth Ltd

And painted green of course!

But we wanted them because we needed someone to drill a 250mm hole at a 45 degree angle through our walls which are a mere 220 mm thick. These guys have a diamond drill rig and know how to use it!

Precision tool – these guys were BRILLIANT!

Despite looking like a weapon of mass destruction, the results were VERY quick and neat:

Couldn’t be more delighted!

A bit of work to do with decorating inside and out – but we’re done! Ready for winter!

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