50 Shades of Green

50 Shades of Green

It’s been Torture!

50 Shades of Green

But a lesson in resilience.

After we got plastered, I found a terrific paint from Auro. Great texture, great Eco credentials. I hoped the shade was close to the recycled glass green I saw while our lime plaster was still wet.

I had painted most of the house when I decided that this colour was very, very close to my ideal colour, but not quite. Too pale, too washed out, too close to white. I was unhappy. So close and yet so far.

Auro also have a range of paints composed of their pigments and their base white. The UK distributor generously told me what the recipe for my shade of paint was. I reckoned I could find one in that range which would be just what I was looking for.

Auro Mix Card

I found my colour recipe, then looked for a colour that was double the pigment to white and couldn’t find one. So I bought the pigments and some white and started playing around.

The group to the extreme left in the first photo, those are the mixes. Between matchpots and mixes, I counted 48 different greens on that wall. I found one that I thought might do, but then I couldn’t reproduce my own recipe! I had bought syringes to do the mixing that had ml markings, but the colour match was still unreliable! Oh NO!!!

I re-read the email from the distributor and noticed that they replied from a new email address. I checked the websites and the phone number was the same! It seems that Edward Bulmer Natural Paint is the distributor for Auro, but also does their own delicious range of colours using the gorgeous Auro paint.

I quickly ordered every green from Edward Bulmer Natural Paint and started painting swatches everywhere:

This was much better, but still not quite right. Three contenders, one was too green, one too dark, and one too blue. THEN I noticed that Edward Bulmer do shades – ie. 20%, 40%, 60% mixes. I quickly tried mixing the Auro white with the shade that I thought was too dark.

This is a previously painted wall with stripes of all of the Edward Bulmer green matchpots, including the 60% and 40% of Granite Green. 40% looks good. This may be it?

So I ordered enough for two coats, and in fear and trepidation, began to paint over the old green. Would 40% Granite Green be too dark? Too pale? Had I got it wrong?

Nope. My Goldilocks moment. Just Right!!!!!

This was over unpainted wall. SO HAPPY!!!

This is the upstairs bedroom and really shows just how right this colour is. The shade to the extreme left is the first Auro colour I bought. Above is the lime plaster. The green to the right and above the bed is Edward Bulmer’s 40% Granite Green.


I have grown increasingly uncompromising and have to fight the embarrassment I feel that the house is taking so long to finish. I really despair at myself sometimes. Journeys like this remind me that it’s worth it. To remember how dissatisfied I felt with the previous green and how delighted I am to see everything I hoped for in this new green. I was right to hold out, to experiment, to keep going until the right thing came along. Resilience regained!

Hint – we have hatched a plan for the loft floor that is equally uncompromising. Coming up next, it is going to be at least, or even more OMG than our beloved, uncompromising staircase.

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  1. Hi there.
    Someone on somerset small holdings mentioned your fantastic project and I wondered if you might have a moment to have a chat about our off grid project? Trying to combine solar, hot water, air source and battery storage is a bit of a minefield and you seem to have successfully navigated it. Many thanks. Ian

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