On the Ceilings

On the Ceilings

So what have we been up to? 2 weeks ago, finally got onto the ceilings

– or rather Mike cause I’m not able to hold the nail gun (feeble!)




But he was nice and warm in here:




When we arrived, what I’d most been fearing…. Luckily melted away within an hour.





So I kept warm outside by doing more routing – Mike Roberts says this will build up my arms! Maybe by the time phase 2 is built I’ll be able to lift the nail gun.




and last  weekend? Sunny and springlike, thank goodness. Most of our furniture and boxes taken by Mike and I to the loft we’ve built in the barn:



Only took two trips in enormous van and under an hour to empty.




This is an earlier photo, longing for the time when we can stay over and point the telescope at that moon. We’re moving to some holiday cottages across the road a mile or two on Saturday. Everything should progress a lot faster after that.






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  1. Well done. Seems to be going well. Got any pictures of the latest holiday cottage? love from us both S & Axxx

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