What a difference a week makes (3 weeks later)

What a difference a week makes (3 weeks later)

3 weeks later and Carpenter Oak bring the cabin to Easterdown. This transformation in 3 days is astounding.

A man with a plan –



Cabin arrives at 9am, but




Oh no! Load too tall to get past the overhanging branches. (didn’t think of that. thought a straight flat drive would be simple)





Quick reinvention of ‘plan A’. They bring the trailer down and load up from the road.




(Great autumn day!) Only a few loads to go – CabinArrives10 CabinArrives11 CabinArrives12


When I left they were doing this:

CabinArrives13 CabinArrives14 CabinArrives15 CabinArrives16 CabinArrives17


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