First Light

First Light

Our first Zero Carbon system is in and IT WORKS!!!!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU Jamie Burnham for having the courage and the brains to design our brilliant wood range thermal store hot water system. It works perfectly and has already out-performed expectations. 

Cabin now toasty and warm. Very little fuel used. Pipes on Thermal Store Hot! Day two, only took ½ hour to get up to temperature!

Able Plumber Ian puts pipework in place. Did he go to art school? These pipes rival the Lloyds Building!


Esse was very cold to start off with, but luckily Ian knows a thing or two about getting a log burner lit. (yes, that is a butane torch!)





So Pretty! So Warm!FirstLight


Spangles and Dexter don’t have to shiver in the car anymore while we get on with fitting out our cabin!





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  1. Hi,

    I’m wondering how you are getting on with your esse plus 1? I’m thinking of getting one to go in a new kitchen I’m having built. I’m keen to chat with someone who has purchased one before buying one myself.

    Maybe you could email me back to my private email?

    Thank you in advance

  2. Hi, we really enjoyed your posts! We are interested in getting an Esse Plus 1 like yours. Are you happy with the performance? Does it heat a considerable amount of space?

    Thanks for any feedback,

    Dan & Paola

  3. The cabin (phase 1) is only 30 sq metres and extremely well insulated, so I have no experience outside of that. Best thing is to talk to a good installer about the heating requirement for your space, or Esse support who are very helpful. The Esse plus 1 works well for the cabin, but using the oven precisely is pretty difficult – example baking a cake could be impacted by someone taking a shower. So we only use the oven for warming. Mike bakes bread by proving it in the oven then putting the pan in the dying embers of the firebox. Please feel free to ask more about how we use it.

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