Showing me the ropes

Showing me the ropes

Ropes were the theme of yesterday. Started the day learning about rope halters for sheep milking and ended up rigging the bed platform!

The day started with an early morning surprise for me – Tara Wright who farms nearby asks if I would like to milk a few of their Devon Closewools, a local breed that is on the endangered rare breeds list. Their lambs went to market and I have a chance to get some sheeps milk before the Ewes dry out. Lucky me! 2.5 litres in the freezer today! But no photos of me trying to catch the sheep or milking, sorry! All hands on deck for that exercise.

Roscoe Wright with my milk jug. 

Showing me the ropes. I wasn’t very good at tying up the Ewes, more successful at catching them though. For some reason if someone shows me a knot I cannot remember how to tie it. Very generous of the Wrights to let me loose on their sheep!milkingSheep2


Luckily someone in our family is pretty good with knots and ropes!



Very exciting to see this!


And this! Not wonky, just the funny angle of the photo. The platform is actually level.notWonky
Raised it by hand for this bit. Had to take the rope out of the winch because couldn’t get the ring through otherwise. We’ve heard that getting the rope back in the winch is not going to be a trivial exercise. 


Temporarily rigged up.



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