On Top of the World

On Top of the World

We are now out of West Acres but not quite at Easterdown. Up on the Brendon Hills, half a mile away from Easterdown.

Final push – the big heavy stuff move. I was very nervous about this.

Gary Bickers – Man (Men) with Van extraordinaire!┬áMade this completely painless. Not only did they move everything without a scratch, but they packed so well there was only one journey! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Less than an hour later – our furniture in the barn:



We even had time for a little holiday. Went to Snowdrop valley at Wheddon Cross. No that isn’t snow, that is a huge blanket of snowdrops.



Spangles can’t resist the verandah…spanglesTakesABreak


Nor can Mike:


But he deserves it, after doing all of this!





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