Looking Up!

Looking Up!

Opened my eyes this morning and what did I see?

I looked up and saw the ceilings and the platform that will soon host and hoist the  bed that I was lying in.

We made it. We’re in.


Day started with a quick inspection from Mike’s Godmother, Margaret who was passing on her way back from Sidmouth. She gave the cabin full marks!


Then a nice lunch at our nearest pub the Lowtrow Cross.  See local traffic jam below:


Then a rush back to try to get out of West Withy and into Easterdown! I only wish I’d got a photo of the mattress on the roof. Thank goodness we had a lovely, sunny day.


Move all done. Lighting and electricity works.


Completely full up from huge lunch courtesy of Margaret, but toasted a few puppadoms just to celebrate:


Got the bed made up. Not on the platform yet, but looks like someone is pleased we are all here now:


This morning, first hot drinks. Then I had the first ever shower at Easterdown. AND IT WAS BRILLIANT! Hot, great pressure, and not only that, Mike had a shower about 10 minutes after me. No letup in hot water at mains pressure at all.

Jamie Burnham had been very precise and cautious with his water heating calculations. He reckoned that from cold, it would take three hours of heating for the thermal store to give us a 10 minute shower. What we all had no idea about was what the refresh rate would be like (ie. what about a second shower immediately after the first one), or how long the thermal store would take to produce hot water when it was cooked on the evening before.

This system, like everything that Jamie Burnham designed has surpassed all predictions and expectations. Off-Grid Luxury!



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  1. Hi,

    Congratulations on moving in. Been following along a bit since coming across your site via the Navitron forum. I’m wondering about the building control aspects of the internal timber cladding and wonder if you’d be willing to email me (address attached or on the contact page on my website). Be really grateful for a quick conversation.



    • Hi,
      Building Regs told us that there are a few treatments for internal wood which allow them to meet building regs requirements for ‘spread of flame’. We choose HR Prof, but other choices were Envirograf and Thermoguard ThermoProof. They have different capabilities and depending on the structure of the building, one of those will give you the class of ‘spread of flame’ that meets Building Regs. Let me know if this isn’t enough information. Happy to provide more.


      • Hi Vickie,

        Thanks – they did require some sort of coating. I thought they would (and it’s probably a good idea) but would have been nice if there was the option not to.


        • The boards in that photo aren’t in their natural state, we whitewashed them. HR Prof made no difference to the colour of the wood, ie. after using, the boards looked completely natural (can’t vouch for the other products). The HR Prof wasn’t noxious in the least to apply. Quite a lot of our softwood cladding was red wood and it gets green/black mould growing on it if the boards aren’t painted and the whitewash solves that. I am very pleased with the effect of the whitewash as it brought out the grain really well and kept any mould from growing.

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