Bits of progress

Bits of progress

Still struggling to get more done. Brilliant photogenic weather last week doesn’t help (no excuse!)

This is such a beautiful place to live in. Spangles the glamour dog poses with the utterly glamorous cabin that Roderick James Architects have designed for us to live in while we build the rest of the house.spanglesHouseEasterdown


Every bit of making a house at Easterdown is the most fascinating learning curve. Some become steeper than others, usually due to personal stupidity, like this one – how to create a stainless steel ‘cover’ over the plywood. Should be straightforward – just send your worktop to the stainless steel engineers, they cover it – job done.

But nothing ever happens in the right order – the worktop was built in for the thermal store to sit on – not removable! And I had already installed the sink and taps  creating an additional problem – How to wrap Stainless around this 3d jigsaw puzzle. Berry and Escott Engineering came up with a great and very cost effective solution, plus this worktop is atypically 2mm thick. No worry about warping with hot pans on it. Thanks so much Rob Marshall and colleagues!

A great place to make cheese:


Local Traffic again at Easterdown reminds me – must spend more time looking into sheep breeds for the cheese!


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