And now a word from our Sponsor

And now a word from our Sponsor

Trying to get on with the cheesemaking – after all, that’s why we’re here.


On Friday, Tara and Roscoe ¬†picked out some sheep for me to milk. Making the ‘Wright’ choices (Tara Wright – ūüėČ yes?). Based on years of experience.


This is the final group. I call them the Alpha League:


Getting my milking machine up onto the landrover was always going to be difficult – much higher than the car. But luckily one of the old doors here at Easterdown was perfect! Not easy, but perfect! And off I went today.



I milked about 7 at a time. Unbelievable РI got 9 litres of milk from 18 ewes. That compares to a normal dairy sheep. And these Closewools were not traditionally milked. Not that my milking ability or technique could ever be thought of as traditional.

Tara worked out a method and helped me for the first¬†2 hours. She came back later and said she was Very Proud of me! It’s tough, but I have an excellent teacher who is giving me the opportunity to learn¬†something I’ve dreamt of, and well, what can I say except I am the luckiest person in the world.

Only other thing is that in theory, the Landrover should be able to create electricity like a tractor can – from a hydraulic generator connected to part of the drive shaft. This ¬†will mean I can go out into the fields and milk the sheep in situ, and is one of the next projects. Along with the underfloor heating. No I haven’t entirely forgotten that we need to finish the house – but we are building a dream, not building a ‘dream house’. How much better to build an entire new life and lifestyle than merely to build a new house.



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