Very Special Deliveries

Very Special Deliveries


This week was always going to be tough because we are now on the first floor and need to move the blocks one by one onto the slab and then up onto the first floor. Yesterday we threw Manpower at it – Mike Roberts + 2 of his guys + me and it took us an hour and a half to get two pallets of blocks unloaded onto the first floor.

I had mentioned to the Wrights (who are helping me with the sheep and sheep milking), and this morning:

What is that tractor doing?




Flabbergasted Again! This took Roscoe seconds!


On the receiving end:


And in 20 minutes we had 3 pallets of blocks unloaded on the first floor!!!


And not only that, our Solar panels went live today – 9.7 kW at 4pm today and it was powering ALL of our loads plus charging the batteries, even with the sun sinking slowly in the west! 


We are this high now!


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