Closing in

Closing in

First equinox at Easterdown and nights are closing in. This is the phase we are at with our house – Roof, Doors and Window installation means we are closing in:


Blocks pretty much finished, Roof starting to go on:


These wall plates are pretty heavy:


But Whiteway Carpenters (with temporary recruit) managed it:


Unexpected early interruption to our lunch break – Windows and Doors arrive!


Closing in phase begins, but I reckon Spangles has taken this a bit literally (yes, she really did this herself!!)


And with the prospect of having a house to live in like real people, real life is beginning to return. Very pleased to see our God-daughter Cara (extreme right) and her family on Sunday


Mike had brought them some special Pasta from Rome, very nice to see what they did with it later on. Looks Yum!


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