Last of the good weather

Last of the good weather

Last weekend we started recycling the house at Easterdown. I suspect we got the last nice day this year, but it was still an inspiring day.

Started taking the shingles off, Mike’s careful and precise method of un-nailing and removing one at a time –




And my method – to remove entire battens in hopes of just pinning them back on another surface. I’m lazy and Mike had the better tools for un-nailing. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

firstBattenGraband around the corner, an hour later (note Mike is still on the same row, no competition here!) :

1HourLaterVickieOnSecondBattenGrabAnd since there was only one ladder I looked around and saw this. I had been intending to buy a van body or shipping container to repurpose for my cheese maturing fridges, but there it is:




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