Did this really take 3 days?

Did this really take 3 days?

Yes, it did. Well, two and a half, actually. This has to be the future. Self builders living in micro cabins, well insulated, beautiful, sustainable construction, and this becomes part of the final house. Plus we get to try out lighting, heating, electricity and cooking off grid and see what works and what doesn’t before we commit to the whole house. A microcosm of our future lifestyle.


Carpenter Oak are as good as their word. Literally. See excellent precise work below. In the exact time they said it would. It’s a privilege to work with great craftsmen. Thank you Adam, Rob and Jan of Carpenter Oak. With assistance from Mike Roberts of Whiteway Carpenters. All made possible by the vision and talent and project management of Mike Hope and Leila Westrope of Roderick James Architects.

The Frame







Adam, Jan and Mike raising the roof



Careful Guidance from Rob:




And quickly, the roof is done! All ready for Timber cladding, roof slates, windows, happening over the next two weeks.


This is going to work brilliantly.  As soon as I stepped inside I knew that both of us will be able to live in there and won’t feel cramped while we  build phase 2. The size of this space really works, and it is so interesting how the right proportions make such a difference.

A sense of scale



More sense of scale: (plenty of room in here!)


and more sense of scale





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