Up to the Eaves

Up to the Eaves

My Nephew dropped in for a few days – first trip to the UK and what does this American Tourist get to see? Lots of clay blocks.

I feel a bit bad that we just put him straight to work, but he’s been a very good sport about it and it was a nice day!


Mike gets to relax a bit?


No, they worked together on this:


At the weekend, looking back at our progress before we  go off to Mike’s Sister’s place:



Quick trip to The Grange  for a ‘working weekend’. Nice to be working with no decisions to make! Mike’s Sister and Brother-in-law’s restoration of a Victorian Greenhouse looking great. Good to see the family as well.



‘Mo now has his stitches out and was very pleased to see us.



Busy day yesterday – Mike Roberts brought a mob and got steels in and east and west walls up to Eaves height:


Arc Taunton getting our panels onto our Log Store and wired:



Wire up into the cabin and across to the barn:



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