Making the Grade

Making the Grade

Delays, delays, but we’ve not been idle! Thank goodness we have the lovely cabin which means we have the luxury to make the best and most considered choices.

Started designing our Staircase with Theatre Royal Plymouth’s production team (more about this soon!) about a year ago. Of course we want something complex and amazing and they have really helped us develop an idea which has taken a long time.

We finally agreed the design, so it was up to us to get the treads cut. I sourced some gorgeous horse chestnut, but before we took it home, we were advised to do some hardening and filling.

Home at last!

Beautiful figuring on the wood means areas that need stabilising:

Injecting hardener into the less stable bits:

But first some grading – to make sure water flows away from us.

I was told to fill the treads, but I hate wood filler – it always looks so awful and fake. I knew wood filler is usually a combination of sawdust and epoxy resin, and I wondered if I just used straight resin with nothing added, if it might not just look like a shadow gap?

Bought a slow, clear cast resin and tried it.

I like the result:

Took the treads down to TR2 yesterday to be installed, and they setup the treads out on one part of the staircase. This is what it will look like. BUT with a few surprising extras… More soon!

Those notes say -This side up. Because those were the sides that ‘made the grade’.

And in another nice development, we have our sunrises back – cutting open the doorway between the cabin and the house:

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