A Breakthrough!

A Breakthrough!

Even if it looks more like a break-in than a breakthrough…

The two have become one! We’ve started joining the house and the cabin!


Adding, but then, taking away.



Where are those guys taking that window?


Over here:


And quickly, it was in place.


But finally we’ve lost our view of the sunrise. When the house first went up, Mike was convinced we would lose our sunrise view. But we didn’t account for the windows in the house letting us see all the way through and out again. So we still got our sunrises (when cloud cover allowed!). But no more.


Good idea to keep warm, we think!


And where was I during most of this – in here: (where?)


in HERE!


Putting the last of the render on the blocks and sealing up behind the new walls.


Roderick James Architects got a lot of things right on our house, but we do have a question mark over the width of this gap. To get the render off of the hawk I need to pass the tools over my head. Photos to remind us of our least favourite job that we’ve had to do.


Mike bravely went in and built a box made of insulation and filled with insulation to surround the plumbing pipes, but you can see he minds the gap just as much as I do. Very glad that job is OVER.


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  1. Yikes as if you are walling yourself in! Great to see the progress but sorry about the loss of the sunrise. Spur you to go outdoors to great the sun, eh you pagan?

  2. Once we cut the doorway through in the cabin we’ll get our sunrises back. And the great outdoors looks pretty good from behind triple glazing and on top of underfloor heating. 😉

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