Esse Arrives

Esse Arrives

The ever resourceful Ben Bowman of Ben Bowman limited, himself arrived with colleague James to deliver the Esse Plus 1 which will provide heat, hot water and cooking.  All in one very pretty package. Comments on the cabin from James “What an amazing place! Fantastic wood frame” (pointing to the Belfast Truss) to which Ben answered ” I only take you to the best places”. Everyone who sees the Cabin, loves it.

Our Log Burner/ Wood Range arrived yesterday. Small, Beautiful and VERY heavy, we rolled it into the Cabin. No photos of rolling it up the step – it was all hands on deck.



In the packing case:



Somehow we got this into and onto the perfectly placed Hearth, no scratches to either!



Leaving only Mike Roberts to line up the hole for the flue, which will go in on Friday. That’s the Belfast Truss that James so admired. Just realised I have a monogramed cabin:

V V V V all the way across. Well done Mike and Leila.


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