Back On Track

Back On Track

Getting back on track, or should I say ‘in’ track? Underfloor heating pipes now firmly placed in the Lithotherm tiles and connected up to Ruby the pellet cooker boiler. And also on track, an experiment in orderly queueing – my own milk train, thanks to the amazing Tara Wright!

The completely wonderful Renewable Innovations are back to finish what they started – Mike and I had put the lithotherm tiles in place and Simon and Norman came back to lay the pipe:


And installed a second manifold above the first one on the first floor to control the zones of pipes:


Hip hop installation – Norman shows Simon how it’s done:


And very quickly, it was done!


But just before that – Tara Wright has been advising me on equipment and setup for my portable milking – I’ve acquired a fantastic sheep scanning crate where I will stand to milk the sheep  – I saw one of these scanning crates earlier this year when I tested my ear tag scanner


Tara got her sheep up out of the valley into the race we set up (see video below!) and they just walked through. No bribes and best of all, no fear! Unbelievably fantastic result. Took minutes to do this. Mike’s dad was visiting for the day and was suitable impressed:


Tara Wright is completely amazing – Click here to see how brilliantly she handles the sheep and her dogs, Tigger and Leo – an inspiring sight:

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  1. I was speaking with Chris at Back to Earth and wondered if you might be available to speak regarding your experience with the lithotherm and also the porotherm. Doing a project in a few months and considering these.

      • Could you contact me on my email below please? I would rather than not post my phone but can send via email when you contact me.

        Kind regards,

          • Hi Ian,
            I recommend you speak to Chris at Back to Earth about the pipe. I’m pretty sure it is an unusual diameter and best to get it from him. Chris is very helpful.

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