Topping Out

Topping Out

Had intended to have a big party, but Steve, our roofer has finished two days early.


Topping out has been a big discussion point here  at Easterdown. We’ve been told that when the final roof tile goes in that some kind of ceremony involving a tree or branch or small tango on the roof must happen. Steve said he’d never heard of this. And when we looked up on Saturday morning:



























Earlier in the week, Gordon Lewis had come with his amazing machine and blown recycled newspaper into our roof void:
















Mike Roberts with his amazing Whiteway Carpenters team got the roof lights in – they were looking forward to Mike performing the topping out ceremony (I feel so guilty):


















But Steve finished early! Here’s Mike – trying to persuade a reluctant Steve that doing something with a tree is a good idea:

















Luckily, besides being a great roofer, Steve is a very good sport. We felt we had to do something and he wasn’t going to dance:


















My sister very kindly sent me this card a few months ago – I keep it nearby for inspiration, even though it is far from true:

























My greatest achievement is standing on the top level of the scaffolding. Yes, I am holding on for dear life, but I wasn’t going to let Mike do those last gable blocks on his own. This is me ‘topping out’:




























But the truth of my sister’s card is that it is our great team that can do everything – this is Roderick James Architects and Whiteway Carpenters. Mike is pretty good at stuff, but the only thing I really know how to do is clean up:























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